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Far from Sessrumnir

One Valkyrie's Trip

Valkyrie Svava
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This is a RPing LJ for milliways_bar! Svava is a figure from Norse Myth, one of the Valkyries that chose fallen warriors to go to various places in the afterlife- though normally it was to either Valhalla or Sessrumnir.

No one really has a copyright on Norse Mythos- but suffice to say, I'm making no money off of this. No infringement intended. *dodges lightning bolts*

Description: She's about 5'2", slimly built. Her hair is dark blond, and normally in a thick braid with a copper/bronze/sunstone beaded hair tie, reaching to her waist. Delicate, norwegian features, with blue-grey eyes. Age? Can seem anywhere from young teens (when she's laughing or embarrassed), late teens, (self-righteous know it all anger!) or ageless, (the look in her eyes of one who's not phased by violence and death), but if you have to really put your finger on it, 20.

Since she has nifty wardrobe by now, her clothing often changes. Standard for her, unless stated, is usually jeans, keds, and a blouse in blue or white. She also wears a ring on her left hand, and has one knife belted at her waist. (Near the full moon, she'll also have a second knife with a silver blade on her as well.)
And because oddly it applies- Svava smells human and alive.
Magically, she's mortal- but that's changing. With her, but usually in a pocket or elsewhere unseen, is Brisingamen, the signature artifact once belonging to Freya. The "feeling" of magic to it is similar to the feeling to the helgisiðir ritual spells Svava's done on occasion. Slowly, and with time, the power Brisingamen has in it is working for Svava. (The rune magic is different than the helgisiðir, but the magic is all in the same "family", so to speak.)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Portrait of Svava and Archie by Liz

The description of Svava's room can be found here.

My handy dandy rune notes are here. Those are still under construction, but the explination of how I'm doing her rune magic is there already.

Some of my best reference sites:
Viking Answer Lady on Valkyries
My first fave Myth reference site
This one has a lot of links I haven't gone through all yet.
*flails* And all of a sudden I get a bunch of backstory for the Valkyrie. I will sort this out, honest.
This is an online copy of one of the main books I've used as reference. Note- its not my absolute reference.